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 * Twenty new missions

 * Skirmish Mode Crab

 * Improved user interface

 * Enhanced multiplayer game

 * New multiplayer maps

 * Windows '95 native

 * Rendered SVGA graphics. Monster Truck

 * Up to six player network games.

 * Mission briefings that clearly define the battle objectives.

 * Mutes with their huge marauding beast versus Survivors and their pumped up techno weaponry.

 * The most intense battle sequences ever featured in this genre. More spectacular carnage and firefights than any other game of this type.

 * Simulated 3D terrain.

 * Veteran units that increase in skill and toughness the more they are in the front line. These units also have the ability to heal themselves.

 * Techbunkers containing various 25th century units.

 * Improved CPU AI includes such features as unit retreating and threat weighted attacks.

 * Sixteen directional pathfinding.

 * Complex & rich back story that involves the player in the direct history and future of the planet.

 * Over fifty different Unit and Building types.

 * Revolutionary, compact, in game user interface provides the largest possible game viewing area whilst allowing players to build multiple units simultaneously and queue up unit build orders.

 * Plus the original Thirty single player missions and ten multiplayer missions.
Xtreme Screenshot Xtreme Screenshot
Xtreme Screenshot Xtreme Screenshot
Xtreme Screenshot Xtreme Screenshot
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 * Pentium 75

 * Windows '95

 * 16 Meg Memory

 * 2x CD-ROM drive

 * SVGA Graphics Card with 1 Meg RAM

 * Available in: English, German, French, Spanish & Mandarin

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