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boxpic.jpgThe 21st Century looked as if it was going to be a golden era. Wars were at an all time low, nuclear arsenals were cut down to a fraction of what they once were and the environmental disasters feared by the 20th Century never materialised, through a combination of nano-technology to clean up the existing problems and then shifting heavy industry to space.

But then in 2079 it all went wrong.

Warheads rained down from space and within the space of a week a quarter of the worlds population was exterminated as cities became glowing radioactive furnaces.

They were the lucky ones.

Wave upon wave of mutagenic viruses struck at human and animal alike, and high tech nano weapons ate at the computer circuits, electricity cables and plastics that civilisations depended on. As the infrastructure collapsed, billions starved.

Nowhere on earth was spared these deprevations, and it soon looked as if the only pockets of humanity that survived would be the ones hidden safe within bunkers, deep underground.

But not quite.

In the years between 2080 and 2140 life was viciously hard for the few survivors that remained on the surface. intropic.jpg Horribly altered by the effects of both the viruses and the radiation they struggled to eke out an existence constantly under threat by the voracious fauna and flora of the new world. But after two generations the weak had died out and only the strong survived.

Groups banded together for strength and protection, building wepons out of whatever they could find, and began to tame many of the animals and plants they came across. A civilisation based on strong warrior ethic had begun to emerge. Scavenging what they can from the old times, they rely on their animals more than technology.


Down in the shelters, original estimates of how long their supplies would last are proving hopelessly optimistic. Recycled food supplies were still adequate, if not enjoyable, but their technical resources were being stretched to the limit. survbrf.gif Eventually it became obvious to the shelter dwellers that they would have to return to the surface before they were completely denuded of technology.

Under the control of the Council for survival, the shelter dwellers started up their tunneling machines and begun drilling back up to the surface.

They broke through in 2141, thirty nine years sooner than their original plan called for.....

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KKND - Krush Kill N Destroy


"Combine the graphics and style of 'Z' with the resource management of Warcraft, and you get a pretty fair picture of Electronic Arts' Krush, Kill 'N' Destroy. With two great references like these, it is hard to go wrong."

Next Generation

"While every company under the sun seems to have caught the real-time strategy craze, Beam has managed to bring together excellent level design with extremely cool units and play mechanics."

EDGE Magazine

"it distinguishes itself as a ubiquitous classic by virtue of a subtle sense of humour and a superb oneplayer game, thanks to some brilliantly written AI routines. The units too are some of the best in the genre, displaying a wide variety of strengths and weaknesses that create a perfectly balanced realtime wargame"


"This is one of the best resource strategy games we've played... can't stop, must kill... Krush Kill n Destroy"

PC PowerPlay Magazine - Review 90%

"KKND combines varied strategy, frenetic action, gorgeous visuals resulting in an excellent one or multi-player game."

PC Zone

"The newly announced KKND from Beam Software could possibly knock the wind from Red Alerts sails, or even leave ‘Red Alert’ floundering in its wake!!!"

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  • Rendered SVGA graphics.
  • Up to six player network games.
  • Mission briefings that clearly define the battle objectives.
  • Mutes with their huge marauding beast versus Survivors and their pumped up techno weaponry.
  • The most intense battle sequences ever featured in this genre. More spectacular carnage and firefights than any other game of this type.
  • Simulated 3D terrain.
  • Veteran units that increase in skill and toughness the more they are in the front line. These units also have the ability to heal themselves.
  • Techbunkers containing various 25th century units.
  • Improved CPU AI includes such features as unit retreating and threat weighted attacks.
  • Sixteen directional pathfinding.
  • Complex & rich back story that involves the player in the direct history and future of the planet.
  • Over fifty different Unit and Building types.
  • Revolutionary, compact, in game user interface provides the largest possible game viewing area whilst allowing players to build multiple units simultaneously and queue up unit build orders.
  • Thirty single player missions and ten multiplayer missions.

System Requirements:

IBM PC Compatible, Pentium/586, 75Mhz +, PCI or Local Bus, 16 MB RAM, SVGA with 1MB RAM, CD-ROM double speed, Soundcard, MS-DOS (Win ‘95 compatible).

Late News  | The Inside Story  | ScreenShots  | Units  | Strategy & Tactiks  | DownLoad


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